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PhD in Physics - Nanophysics


My Philosophy of Teaching

As a first-year undergraduate instructor, I consider these years to be crucial in shaping the future of students. Many of them are in a state of uncertainty, often questioning their current studies and their future prospects. I believe that it is important to show them that we genuinely care about their progress and well-being.
In my laboratory classes, I supervise teams of two or three students on a weekly basis. My approach involves providing each group with personalized feedback, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, and suggesting ways to improve. The results of this effort are usually impressive, as it is gratifying to witness students progress from a shaky start to becoming competent in their work.
The joy of seeing students blossom over time is the driving force behind my passion for teaching. In line with my philosophy, I believe that education is not just about imparting knowledge, but more importantly, it is about assisting students to develop their own unique strengths and abilities. As Bertrand Russell aptly put it, "Education is not to be viewed as something like filling a vessel with water but, rather, assisting a flower to grow in its own way".

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