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PhD Candidate in Physics


Apr 22, 2022


Doing research is not just about getting results, it is also presenting these results to the world!  Here I'll present all my trips to conferences, or when I visit a lab for instance! Cuba (PLMCN 2022)

Mar 27, 2022

My library

    Nowadays, we can find most resources online. Even books are in pdf and can fit in a device five times thinner than a book. But I still prefer to hold a book in my hands! I will list here the books that I used in my undergraduate and graduate studie...

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Feb 2, 2022

PhD resources

This is a non-exhaustive list of what I needed during my PhD. Note that I am a PhD student in Physics and so our needs could differ, but I hope this could help some of you! The first and most important resource that I can give you if you don't already...

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Jan 27, 2022

Scientific illustrations

Starting from now I am only using Blender for 3D figures. This software seems promising for scientific illustrations.  It is the first time that I have used Affinity Designer to illustrate a 3D system. The metallic effect is quite good and I tried m...

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Jan 9, 2022

How to publish: a guide for PhD students

Ok, so you finally have the results that you were hoping for. Now, what to do next?  1) Choice of journal First, you need to decide with your advisor(s) where you want to publish your article. Depending on the journal, there will be a limit of the ...

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