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After my Master degree in Nanophysics at University Clermont Auvergne, I was awarded an I-Site CAP20-25 Fellowship to initiate research on innovative technology. It was followed by a PhD in 2019 in Quantum optoelectronics and nanophotonics under the supervision of Pr. Solnyshkov Dmitry and Dr. Malpuech Guillaume at Institute Pascal, Aubière, France. In my PhD, I worked on: 
  • Topological photonics (2D lasers)
  • Polaritonics
  • Exceptionnal (Voigt) points
  • Quantum metric
  • Semiconductor physics
  • Analog physics
I am currently interested in working in the field of photonic quantum computing.


Charly Leblanc

PhD Student


Institut Pascal

Quantum Optoelectronics and Nanophotonics. University Clermont Auvergne - CNRS