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PhD in Physics - Condensed Matter

Daniele Sanvitto

CNR staff, researcher, group coordinator

The research interests of Daniele are:
Quantum phenomena in polariton systems. The fascinating field of strongly coupled light-matter in semiconductor microcavities has recently exploded in a burst of new interesting and fascinating physics yet to explore with: on the one hand the first observation of polariton Bose-Einstein condensation in semiconductors and on the other hand with the observation of single photon-single exciton coupling in three dimensional sub-microcavities. The subject of our research activity span from the investigation of the dynamics of polariton superfluids, including condensation in low dimensions and confinement of a few polariton states, to the study of quantum electro dynamics with single polariton particles. Interest is focused, also, on the possibility to create polaritons with organic molecules which are the essential leap towards the use of condensation, coherent states of matter and correlation of a few particles to the realm of room temperature devices.

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